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Billing Information

Pay My Bill | Frequently Asked Questions | Financial Assistance Program | Uninsured Discount Policy

HSHS St. Elizabeth's is committed to providing you with accurate and timely billing services. Our trained staff is there to help you with your inquiries and concerns. We accept most major insurance plans and offer additional options for financial assistance. If you have any questions or concerns about your billing statement or you require financial counseling, please contact us.

Patient Account Representative
Phone: 1-877-636-2261
Hours: Monday through Friday  |  8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Important information for patients who receive federal health insurance subsidies. Click here.

Price Estimate

HSHS MyChart offers a tool for patients and guests to estimate what the cost of their care might be prior to their visit.  Please CLICK HERE to recieve a price estimate. 

Hospital Charges

HSHS St. Elizabeth's is committed to providing our patients with useful information that will assist them in making informed health care decisions. Please refer to the following website to obtain pricing for our services:
Prices listed are full charge and reflect what is billed to insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid. Uninsured patients receive a 35% discount off billed charges and can apply for financial assistance through the Illinois Single Billing Office.

Learn more about our financial assistance program.

For questions on specific charges, discounts offered, and financial assistance available, please contact our Illinois Single Billing Office at 1-877-636-2261.
Affordable Care Act (ACA) Price TransparencyClick HERE to learn more about the potential cost of your care.  

Business Office

HSHS St. Elizabeth’s is committed to providing you with accurate and timely billing services. Our trained staff is there to help you with your inquiries and concerns.

Financial Assistance
HSHS St. Elizabeth’s offers a Financial Assistance Program for those with limited financial resources. HSHS St. Elizabeth's is a Christian-based facility that provides medical care regardless of race, creed, color, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, handicap, age, or the ability to pay. We respect the medical needs of all people who come to our doors and the financial concerns of those with limited resources.

HSHS St. Elizabeth’s understands that patients with limited financial resources have the obligation and willingness to pay, but not always the ability to pay.

If you have any questions or concerns about your billing statement or you require financial assistance, please contact our Illinois Single Billing Office.
Patient Account Representatives

Participating Providers

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HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital participates in most major insurance plans. We do recommend that you or a family member confirm that both your physician and the hospital are listed as participating providers with your insurance plan. Contact your insurance company directly to confirm coverage. The phone number is usually listed on the insurance card. Many insurance companies, in fact, require you to notify them prior to your hospital stay. HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital will also make every effort to notify your insurance company that you are a patient here and obtain any necessary authorizations.

View the below list of plans accepted by HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. If your insurance provider is not listed, please call to verify, as we continuously assess new plans. For information on how to access hospital services under your insurance plan, please call 618-234-2120.

Insurance Plans and Provider Networks Accepted

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois PPO
Blue Cross Choice Preferred PPO Network (BCE)
Cigna Healthcare (All Plans except Connect Network) *
Corvel Worker's Compensation
Coventry Health Care 
- Coventry National Network
- First Health Network
Coventry Carelink
Health Alliance Medical Plans
HFN, Inc.
Hope Trust
Humana Network
Provider Network of America (PNOA)
Triwest VA PCCC
United Healthcare of the Midwest (UHC)
WellFirst Health

Medicare - Traditional
Accepted Medicare Managed Care Plans

Aetna/Coventry Health Care
Clear Spring Health of Illinois
Essence Healthcare
Humana Medicare Advantage Plan
Molina Healthcare
United HealthCare Midwest (UHC)


Molina Healthcare

GetCoveredIllinois.Gov (Exchange Plans)
Blue Cross Choice Preferred PPO Network (BCE)
Health Alliance Medical Plan

Last Updated

* Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) constantly works to enhance the quality of care we provide to our patients while also working to reduce costs and deliver efficient care.

If you are a participant in a Cigna commercial health plan, you may have recently been contacted by Cigna or your medical provider about ongoing contract negotiations between your health care provider and Cigna.  

Since spring of 2019, Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) has been working with Cigna in good faith to negotiate an agreement that would ensure continued care of those in our community and provide reimbursement that fairly covers the health care provider’s cost of delivering high quality care. Unfortunately, an agreement has not yet been reached.

If a contract is not reached by March 31, 2020, this means that HSHS St. Elizabeth's, along with any affiliated HSHS Medical Group providers, will be considered out-of-network for health services* you receive on or after this date.  

We encourage you to contact your employer’s benefits department to discuss plan options that will allow you to have in-network access to your local hospital.  You are also encouraged to contact Cigna directly using the phone number listed on the back of your insurance card to identify medical providers and facilities in your area who accept Cigna.

We remain hopeful that an agreement will be reached in the near future.


Emergency Care:  If you present to the Emergency Department for treatment of a medical condition that is deemed as an emergent medical condition by the health care provider, your treatment while in the emergency department will be covered according to the benefits provided by your plan.

There may be additional exclusions based on your insurance benefit plan and/or your course of medical treatment.  We encourage you to contact Cigna or our customer service center at 1-888-477-4221 for more information.