Education Programs

HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Women and Infants Center offers a wide range of services for mothers and infants. To learn more about your pregnancy and the services available, you are cordially invited to participate in the Education Programs. A variety of classes are offered to meet your individual needs. You are encouraged to register for as many classes as you desire. All classes are taught by the Women and Infant Center colleagues.


For a one-time fee of $25, you and your support person can attend any or all of the following classes:
  • the Childbirth class, (either the one-day Saturday class, or evening class series)
  • Breastfeeding class
  • New Father’s class
The Early Pregnancy class is $5 which includes an “Understanding Pregnancy” book.
The Sibling Preparation class is $5 per family.

Payment for class can be paid by check or cash at first class.

Class Schedules and Registration

Download our 2019 Schedule and Registration Brochure.

Available Classes

Those who deliver at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital will be given priority spaces in available classes. As class size is limited, we recommend registering for classes early. We reserve the right to cancel any class due to lack of enrollment. Classes with enrollment of three or less will be canceled with the option of enrolling in a later class.

Early Pregnancy Class

This class is designed for moms in the first trimester of pregnancy, (8-12 weeks). In this class, you will learn from our nurses what to expect during your pregnancy and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle to benefit both you and baby. The cost of the class includes an “Understanding Pregnancy” book.
Fee: $5

Prepared Childbirth Classes

breastfeeding class photoPrepared Childbirth Classes teach relaxation techniques, controlled breathing, physical and emotional changes that occur during labor and birth. Pain control options including unmedicated, medicated and epidural will be discussed. Class discussions of inductions and cesareans are also included. Both mother and her support person learn how to take an active part in the birth process. This class will also cover Infant Care.

You may choose between a three week-evening series of evening classes or an all-day Saturday class for your convenience. The final class in each evening session will cover Infant Care. Infant Care is also available as an individual class for those not wishing to enroll in the full evening series.
A hospital tour is included in both Saturday and evening class series.

Recommended time to enroll: around the 28th – 30th week of pregnancy for those enrolling in evening classes and the Saturday class option.

New Father's Class

Taught by a St. Elizabeth's Physician, who is also a Dad, this innovative, one day class will provide the expectant father with tools and insights into new infant care and the important role Dad plays in growth and development. Limited to Dads only.

Recommended time to enroll: 6th month of pregnancy

Breastfeeding: Fundamentals and Practical Problem Solving

Taught by a RN certified lactation counselor, the Breastfeeding class provides information on preparation for feeding, feeding techniques, and common concerns. Additional topics include information on which type of breast pump will be best to meet your needs, discussion on returning to work and other everyday issues. The class is open to expectant mothers and new mothers. Support persons are welcome.

Recommended time to enroll: around the 32nd – 36th week of pregnancy

Sibling Preparation Class

Children 3 to 10 years of age, who are anticipating the arrival of a sibling, are invited to attend the Sibling Preparation Class. It offers them the opportunity to develop positive feelings about a new sibling and to become familiar with the hospital setting. Parents are expected to attend their class with their children.

Fee $5 per family

Recommended time to attend: around the 30th – 34th week of pregnancy

Class Registration and Questions

To register in a one of the available Education Classes or ask a question, please call 618.234.2120, ext. 31260 or email