Current Art Exhibitor:

Sharon Aach

Sharon AachAbout the Artist:

Sharon Aach was chosen as the first artist to be featured at for the Rotating Art Exhibit at HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. In addition to the temporary works currently on display, Sharon has five works permanently on display throughout the hospital.

A self-taught and self-representing artist from the Belleville area, Sharon employs a reverse painting technique with mixed media materials behind glass panels to inspire and share joy through her uplifting vibrant glass paintings. Considered to be somewhat experimental and unconventional, being self-taught has thoroughly allowed her to develop her own pure organic style. Inspired by music and nature, she has developed her own creative process that is both automatic and emotional.

While Aach has created art in various forms throughout her life, it was not until 2014, after retiring from a 25-year medical career, that she started composing her art on a full-time basis.  Her art has been described as bold, colorful, complex, yet soothing.

All pieces in the exhibit are available for sale with 15% of all proceeds from art sales to be donated to HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Foundation. Prints are also available. If you are interested in purchasing any items, contact the artist directly at or call 618-830-8542. Visit to view more of Sharon’s beautiful work.


Artist Statement:

Painting for me, like life, is constant movement, constant change.  The creation process is cathartic, allowing my emotions to spill out onto the glass as a release. Creating art equals happiness for me.  As a child, nothing pleased me more than stealing away with my sketchbook and pencils and drawing the plants, animals and landscapes of our family farm.  To this day, I continue to be in awe of and inspired by the powerful mechanisms and cycles of nature.  Nature is inherently optimistic and resilient in its intricate patterns.  It is my hope that each piece will convey the feelings of joy, light, and peace … and shape new pathways of connection and discovery in the beholder.