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St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Invests in Hydrotherapy, an Alternative Labor Pain Management Option

BELLEVILLE, IL – St. Elizabeth’s Mother Child Center is pleased to announce the recent addition of Hydrotherapy services to the Mother Child Center, becoming the only birthing center in the Belleville area to offer the alternative pain management option.

A new specialized tub, which was as a capital purchase for St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in 2013, allows healthy mothers to be immersed in warm water to promote relaxation and decrease pain in the early stages of labor. The water provides soothing stimulation of nerves in the skin, promoting increased blood flow and reducing pain causing signals. Hydrotherapy can also increase uterine blood flow, decrease maternal blood pressure and shorten labor.

“We are excited about the addition of hydrotherapy services to the Mother Child Center”, said Lori Stevenson, Director of the Mother Child Center.  “St. Elizabeth’s Mother Child Center is committed to providing region leading, customized birthing experiences and the addition of the Hydrotherapy tub allows us offer another customized option to increase comfort for our mothers and families.”

Hydrotherapy during labor is limited to healthy patients, with normal pregnancies, who meet safety guidelines, as safety is the Mother Child Center’s first priority.  Mothers, who meet these established guidelines, can request the use of the tub when it is available. A physician’s approval is also required for use.

For more information on this, or any other labor and delivery services at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, call 618.234.2120, ext. 1260.


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