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St. Elizabeth’s partners with Walgreens Pharmacy for Free Bedside Prescription Delivery

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and Walgreens have recently partnered to help make each patient’s discharge from the hospital more convenient with the Walgreens Bedside Prescription Delivery program.  This new partnership gives patients the option to receive their filled prescriptions before they are discharged from the hospital, at their bedside, to eliminate the need for an additional stop at the pharmacy on their way home to recuperate. There is no additional fee for utilizing this service.

This optional service was added as a convenience to patients and also streamlines any insurance related delays or issues such as prior authorization of drugs, drugs not being covered by insurance and prescriptions being refilled too soon. Patients are also offered a one-on-one pharmacist consultation to discuss their discharge medications.

The hours for the free delivery are 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Most prescriptions are filled within two hours upon receiving the patient’s discharge prescription. The Walgreens representative then picks up the filled prescription and delivers it back to the patient’s room before they leave the hospital.  Patients can pay for the medications with credit card, check or cash, just as they would at the pharmacy, and insurance prescription benefits are applied where applicable.  After receiving the initial prescription at St. Elizabeth’s, patients can refill at any pharmacy, even if they decide not to stay with Walgreens.

“St. Elizabeth’s is excited about this valuable new partnership,” said Mary Lou Jones, RN, ACM, Care Coordination Manager at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.  “It is another way to ensure our patients leave the hospital fully educated on their necessary medications and allows them to go directly home to start the healing process. In addition, it encourages better medication compliance with our patients for better outcomes.”

Patients who do not want their prescriptions delivered during those hours, or when delivery is needed after hours, an additional service called “Express VIP Customer Pick-up” is offered.  Walgreens expedites prescription filling so patients can pick them up through drive-through windows at their choice of locations in the area.

The addition of the Walgreens Bedside Delivery Service program is a testament to St. Elizabeth’s commitment to offering region leading, high-value care for our community.



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