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Versant RN Residency

The Versant RN Residency at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital

St. Elizabeth’s began this innovative program for new graduate Registered Nurses in 2006. The 18-week Residency provides additional education for 10-20 candidates biannuallywhoretain staff positions at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital after the residency is complete. RN Residents are hired into the facility as a full-time employee. Upon successful completion of this paid RN residency, the participant will be prepared to work as a full-time, independent professional RN.

Our Residency differentiates St. Elizabeth’s Hospital as a leading choice for RN graduates. It provides evidence-based practice in nursing and leverages technology to enable real time reports on newly graduated nurse performance. In the years of its existence, the overall goal of reducing RN turnover and increasing RN retention has been achieved.

Information for the new graduate RN

There are many variables to consider when choosing a Residency - some programs are longer than others, some pay more than others and many do not offer sufficient guided clinical time or a formal mentor and debriefingprogram for your first year as a new graduate nurse. Ultimately, many programs do not meet the needs of new graduate nurses. Is it any wonder that first-year nurse turnover rates are between 35% and 60% nationwide?

With this in mind, Versant has developed the most innovative and comprehensive RN Residency program available. Unlike most other new graduate programs, the Versant RN Residency program is designed to be a supportive and appropriately paced learning experience.

How to apply:

Download Application Process and Materials and Clinical Instructor Evaluation Form 2016

The Versant RN Residency includes:

One-to-One Preceptors: Your preceptors are experienced, unit-based RNs who work one-to-one with you to provide challenging patient care experiences. Additionally, preceptors teach technical skills, share clinical knowledge, and help residents develop clinical decision making skills. RN residents experience over 500 hours of one-to-one preceptor time.

Classroom and Skills Lab Education: RN Residents benefit from over 180 hours of classroom and skills lab education, developed and taught by highly qualified nurses and other healthcare specialists. This valuable education and training provide the knowledge and experience necessary for you to make the successful transition from new graduate nurse to a professional RN.

Caring and Committed Mentors: Your mentor is an experienced RN professional who will support you and help you navigate the complexities of nursing. Your mentor is not your preceptor or your manager, but a no evaluative, supportive RN on staff at your hospital. Residents find that having a mentor enhances their critical thinking and communication skills, helps them build confidence and self-esteem, and encourages self-evaluation, independent thinking, emotional maturity, and conflict resolution.

What is Versant?

Versant is is a corporation formed by Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) in May 2004 in response to the challenges facing nursing today. Their goal is to develop and deploy RN Residency Programs nationwide, in both pediatric and adult care facilities. Versant provides hospitals and healthcare organizations with comprehensive, research-oriented, and empirically evaluated RN Residency programs.www.versant.org. This Residency is offered for both new RN Graduates and a Refresher to RNs who may have been out of the workforce for a period of time. Click the links below to go to our Careers page for more information and to apply:

Additionally, for more information interested candidates may contact:

Regina F. Peterson, MSN, RN
Manager, Hospital & Colleague Education/RN Residency

St. Elizabeth's Hospital

618-234-2120, ext. 2721

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