Patients and Guests

Thank you for entrusting your health care needs to our team of health care professionals. We strive to provide you with Off-the-Chart Care with deep compassion during your stay.

HSHS St. Elizabeth’s has been meeting the health care needs of our community for over 138 years and we continue making great strides in patient satisfaction and quality scores. We are now at top performance levels in the country in publicly reported surveys. Our staff is dedicated to providing high-value, region leading health care to you and your family. We offer many amenities to make your stay as a patient as satisfactory as possible, and strive to ensure your visiting family and friends feel welcome and cared for, as well.

Call the Care Line at ext. 2273

If you have any concerns or questions about your care, please contact our dedicated Care Line at Ext. 2273. This line is answered 24 hours a day. Your concerns or questions will be directed to the department charge nurse or other administrative leader available to assist you. We strive to exceed your expectations and resolve issues immediately as we follow our four Core Values of Respect, Care, Competence and Joy.