Patient Move Day is November 4



To Our Visitors:

We appreciate the public’s excitement and curiosity to see the new hospital but we will be restricting public access on the Move Day of November 4 to only identified family/support persons of our transferring patients.  

The move is a large-scale undertaking, with patient safety and privacy as our top priorities and there is a lot of coordinated activity around the patient move that needs to be executed precisely. Additionally, we are utilizing numerous entrances and routes to get our patients safely to their new rooms, which means we need to keep hallways clear and elevators freed up.
As we will be a functioning hospital every day after today and we plan to be health and wellness destination for the region for decades to come, we encourage you to visit our campus in the future. Be sure to visit our Gift Shop, Coffee Shop, Cafeteria, outdoor walking path and Chapel. We, of course, would be honored to be the health care provider of choice for you and your family.

President's Letter to our Patients and Family Members | Patient-Visitor Move Day Packet


Most Frequently Asked Questions

What can I bring with me when I am moved?
We ask that your family pack any non-essential personal items like flowers, balloons, photos, and gifts and take them home before November 3. You will be traveling to the new hospital in an ambulance with your nurse. Any medical equipment, essential belongings and the crucifix from your room will go with you.

How will I know what to expect during the move?
On Friday, November 3, you will be personnally visited by Scott Air Force Base personnel who will explain the transfer process. St. Elizabeth's has partnered with reserve members of Scott Air Force Base to assist with the transition. These members are also medical personnel who are here to help the nurses and physicians continue to provide excellent care to you during the transfer, and to assist with communication between you and the hospital staff.

How do I know when I move?
On Friday, November 3, you and your family will receive detailed information on your scheduled time for transfer to the new hospital. Your medical condition will determine your move time.

Can my family visit me the day of the move?
We request the family members do not visit you in the Belleville location the day of November 4 for the move.

Can my family come with me during the move?
For safety reasons, your family member/support person will not be able to travel with you in the ambulance. Family are encouraged to go directly to the O'Fallon site after you are settled into your new room.

Where does my family go at the O'Fallon site
Your family should enter the new St. Elizabeth's Hospital in O'Fallon at the Outpatient Entrance. See Map. There will staff there to greet them and provide further instruction. Your family member/support person will need to provide your full name and date of birth for verification.

What if I'm being discharged on November 4
If you are being discharged from the Belleville location on November 4, please instruct the person picking you up to arrive no later than 10 a.m. Use the Prairie Heart Institute Building (at the back of the hospital) entrance for patient pick-up. See Map.

Your comfort and safety are our top priority.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the move,
please let our nurse know immediately.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation
during this complex process.